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Audi S3

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Audi S3

The distinctive "S" abbreviation stands for a very special definition of sports performance and style: power in abundance but also visual restraint. This is performance that offers the driver maximum control, dynamic performance and, above all, driving pleasure. Performance in which effortless poise and control count for more than mere maximum power.

The S3 is another milestone in the history of Audi's S-type models. It represents a continuation of the company's strategy of having a top-of-the-range model offering superior performance in every class, including now the compact class. Another example of a unique but typically Audi combination of advanced technical solutions for a memorable driving experience and a high level of safety. The Audi A3 impresses with its combination of an extremely high-torque turbocharged engine and the superior drive concept, quattro.


A characteristic of all Audi's S models is their distinctive and sporty yet restrained styling. The differences cater for the wishes of the relevant target groups. Taking the Audi A3's prize-winning design as their starting point, the designers of the S3 have used bold lines to create something completely original and very sporting in character.

A closer look at the car from the side will reveal why designers prefer large wheels in their sketches. Because they fill out the wheel arches, the 17-inch Avus wheels give the car a highly unified appearance in side view and suggest the Audi A3's performance potential even when it's stationary. The 225/45 R 17 W tyres give the car an appearance worthy of the designation "S" in every way and in combination with the quattro drive system ensure outstanding traction and agile handling.

With its sports suspension, the slight lowering of the body in comparison with the A3, and its large wheels, the Audi S3 with an overall height of 1,415 millimetres has a low-slung look on the road.

The Engine

The maximum torque of 270 Nm, which is available from just 2,100 rpm, provides the Audi S3 with sustained forward thrust. It is maintained right up to 5,000 rpm and allows powerful acceleration and top-class flexibility in all situations. The Audi S3 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.8 seconds and, in fifth gear, needs just 11.5 seconds to accelerate from 60 to 120 km/h. The car always has plenty of power in reserve, making driving a relaxed and pleasurable experience however long the journey.

Power is delivered smoothly even at low engine speeds. The free-revving four-cylinder turbocharged unit reaches its maximum output of 154 kW (210 bhp) at just 5,800 rpm and continues unabated up to 6,800 rpm, when it is gently limited by the engine management system.

Source - Audi