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Much of the world may have expected the Z4 to be a direct successor to the hugely successful BMW Z3 roadster.

But there is more, much more, to the Z4's debut than just "successor replaces predecessor." The new Z4 roadster takes BMW and the roadster segment to another level.

Built on a longer wheelbase, the new Z4 is slightly wider and longer than the Z3. But so much more substance and stance has been built into a vehicle that has not grown significantly in size. The Z4 delivers everything roadster - two-seater, long and sweeping hood, short front and rear overhangs, low and rearward seating, and soft top - in a modern, athletic and assertive new design.

The Z4 places BMW squarely in the field of sophisticated, full-featured sport roadsters. It comes exclusively with 6-cylinder power and offers a choice of four transmission types (Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) available as of April 2003 production.) Its chassis engineering is new, encompassing multi-link rear suspension, run-flat tires and wheel/tire diameters up to 18 inches. The Z4 offers amenities and options never before seen in a regular-production BMW roadster. Safety engineering and features have been further developed.

Source - BMW