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The BRABUS Sport Program for the new Mercedes SLK

The top-of-the-line BRABUS engine for the new SLK series is the BRABUS 6.1 S increased-
displacement engine for the SLK 55, with its power increase of 85 hp / 62 kW. A custom crankshaft with longer stroke, precision-balanced piston rods, larger pistons and an
increased cylinder bore result in a displacement increase to 6.1 liters. In addition the three-valve heads of the eight-cylinder are precision-machined and fitted with
BRABUS custom camshafts. The installation of BRABUS high-performance metal catalysts and
the precise calibration of the engine electronics round out the BRABUS 6.1 S engine conversion.
The new increased-displacement engine exhibits exemplary smoothness and environmental
friendliness in addition to its excellent performance: Rated power output jumps from standard 360
hp / 265 kW to 445 hp / 327 kW at 6,000 rpm. Even more important for increased driving fun is the improved elasticity as a result of the increase
in torque: The BRABUS 6.1 S engine delivers a peak torque of 635 Nm.Performance of the tuned roadster is on a correspondingly high sports car level. Power is
transferred to the rear wheels via a modified seven-speed automatic transmission and a custom-
developed BRABUS locking differential. The BRABUS SLK 6.1 S catapults to 100 km/h from rest in
just 4.3 seconds. Top speed is an electronically limited 305 km/h.

BRABUS also offers a powerful tuning version of the supercharged four-cylinder engine of the SLK
200. The BRABUS performance kit increases power output of the engine by about 30 hp / 22 kW.
It will be available starting in April. All BRABUS engines are lubricated with ARAL high-
performance motor oil.

Installing the BRABUS stainless-steel sport exhaust is a good idea even for untuned engines. Its
four large exhaust tips with their characteristic BRABUS design give the roadster an even more
exclusive appearance and a more powerful sound.

Sporty yet elegant BRABUS aerodynamic-enhancement parts make the roadster even more
exciting: The SLK receives a more striking face with the addition of the BRABUS front spoiler and
its four auxiliary headlights. The spoiler also reduces lift on the front axle thus further improving
directional stability especially a high speeds.

The BRABUS side sills give the two-seater a longer, sleeker appearance and offer an additional
interesting feature: Pushing a button on the remote control of the vehicle or pulling on a door
handle activates entrance lights integrated into the underside of the sills. They illuminate the
ground next to the vehicle and make entering and exiting the vehicle in the dark safer.
The rear is refined with the low-reaching BRABUS rear apron and the understated BRABUS rear

BRABUS further emphasizes the classic roadster look with two custom roadster bars, available
with highly polished stainless-steel or with silver carbon finish. They replace the production bars of
the SLK.

BRABUS Monoblock light-alloy wheels also contribute heavily to the sporty appearance of the SLK
from Bottrop. They are available in various designs as one-piece or multi-piece rims with 17-, 18-
and 19-inch diameters.

The attached photos show the new Mercedes SLK with multi-piece BRABUS Monoblock V and VI
wheels in sizes 8.5Jx19 in front and 9.5Jx19 on the rear axle. BRABUS recommends high-
performance tires from Michelin or Pirelli in sizes 225/35 ZR 19 on the front axle and 255/30 ZR 19
in the rear.

An available comfortable BRABUS sport suspension with gas-pressure shocks and linear springs
is the perfect match for these sporty low-profile tires. The sport suspension lowers ride height of
the two-seater by two to three centimeters. Alternatively BRABUS offers a set of sport springs
calibrated to the production shocks.

And of course BRABUS offers two high-performance brake systems for the new SLK, too. The
largest version features six-piston aluminum fixed calipers and 355-mm vented and slotted discs
on the front axle. The rear axle is fitted with 300-mm discs and four-piston aluminum fixed calipers.
Special flex steel brake lines provide constantly high brake pressure.

Another focal point of refining the new Mercedes SLK is the interior: BRABUS offers an extensive
program for the roadster: It includes such attractive accessories as highly polished stainless-steel
sill plates with illuminated BRABUS logo, and an ergonomically BRABUS sport steering wheel with
a choice of leather/carbon, leather/Alcantara or leather/walnut burl design. Special requests can be
satisfied with an exclusive BRABUS fully leather interior crafted from BRABUS Mastik leather.

Source - Brabus