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Sporting Limousine: the Carlsson CK55 RS with 560 bhp on the basis of the E 55 AMG

Carlsson has created an even more exclusive and sporting limousine: the CLK-RS with 560 bhp.

Impressive power
Engine output is increased to a powerful 560 bhp / 412 KW with maximum torque of 810 Nm at 2600 rpm, which greatly emphasises the sporting character of the E 55 AMG. Top speed has been measured at over 320 km/h while acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 4.5 seconds..

The Carlsson range for the CK55 RS
The high-grade range of products for the Carlsson CK55 RS includes an aerodynamic package. The rear spoiler and front lip bring about a reduction in lift at the front and rear and fit aesthetically into the overall exclusive and sporting look.

Electronic lowering
For the CK55 RS, Carlsson offers the C-Tronic® electronic lowering system, which lowers the car by approx. 30 mm. The result: a lower centre of gravity, a sporting appearance and reduced aerodynamic drag.

An impressive appearance: ultra-light forged wheels
For the CK55 RS, Carlsson recommends ultra lightweight forged wheels in the dimension 8.5 x 19“ (245/35, Dunlop Sp. 9000) at the front and 10 x 19“ (285/30, Dunlop Sp. 9000) at the back. The 16-spoke wheels round off the sporting and elegant appearance of the CLK-RS and are available exclusively from Carlsson.

Source - Carlsson