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Carlsson CM50 K - a mass of class
(Based on the ML 500)

Carlsson CM50 K with 430 bhp and 650 Nm
Complete range of aerodynamic parts
New wheel generation: 3-part forged wheels

For all off-road enthusiasts the famous Mercedes-Benz tuner Carlsson is offering a complete tuning package, which clearly, if tastefully, underlines the modern features of the new M-Class. Big, voluminous yet still sporty, with its performance tweaked to 430 bhp, and combining this with a touch of luxury, the CM50 K based on the ML 500 always cuts a fine figure both in the countryside and in the metropolitan jungle.

Class with pedigree: 430 bhp for off road and in the metropolitan jungle
With an unladen weight of 2.1 tons the top-of-the-range model of the M-Class needs a deal of power to get it moving smartly. The 430 bhp/316 kW and 650 Nm torque put enough power at the disposal of the eight-cylinder engine to enable it to cruise swiftly along in any landscape. The CM50 K has a top speed of 265 km/h, and covers the standing-start from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds. The improvement in performance is achieved with the Carlsson supercharger system, which has been developed in close collaboration with the Ogura Clutch Co. Ltd.
The advantages of the high performance supercharger, manufactured under licence from Wankel, are its high efficiency levels, its wear-resistant, quiet operation, excellent durability, immediate responsiveness and limited weight.

Stainless steel silencers with twin oval tailpipes each
The rear view of the CM50 K is dominated by the four tailpipes of the Carlsson sports rear silencers, which not only give out an impressive, sonorous, sporty sound, but are also optimised, in comparison with the standard version, in terms of exhaust back pressure and gas conduction, and thus contribute to the achievement of greater torque and improved performance.

Up to 40 mm lower with Carlsson sports springs
Greater ride comfort in all situations
The sports springs developed by Carlsson lower the centre of gravity of the ML 500 by approx. 35-40 mm. Besides a more dynamic appearance, the result is reduced roll and, therefore, improved handling without any major reductions in comfort for the driver.

Elegance for the adventurous
Even in its unmodified form, the ML 500 is visually impressive with its interplay of strongly contoured panels and taut lines. The Carlsson design of the aerodynamic components lends support to the sovereign character of the new M-Class but at the same time gives it a sportier feel. The front spoiler and the lip on the rear skirt appear with the characteristic Carlsson 'diffuser look'.

For a perfect finish: 3/12 Ultra Light series wheels
New and to be seen for the first time at the IAA in Frankfurt: the 3/12 Ultra Light wheel design in the dimension FA 10 x 22 (with 265/35/22) and RA 11x23 (305/20/22). The new forged wheels have been specially adapted to the demands of the larger Mercedes-Benz models and, although equally strong, are significantly lighter than conventional cast wheels. Thanks to their reduced weight, forged wheels are less liable to tramping than cast wheels (lower unsprung weight) and thus offer optimum road contact. For the driver, this means improved handling and greater ride comfort.

Alternatively and making their debut at the IAA in Frankfurt:
The new 23" Carlsson 3/11 wheel design, which is available as an ultra-light forged wheel or as a magnesium wheel. These lightweight, 11-spoke wheels are the ideal choice for tomorrow's powerful cars and offer greater comfort combined with improved handling characteristics.

Elegance with a high feel-good factor
Appointed in the finest black / calvados nappa leather, the interior of the ML exudes an air of luxurious elegance. The deep brown tone of the door panels and the central part of the seats contrasts discreetly with the classic black of the remaining upholstery and gives the ML a pleasant, warm atmosphere. The embossed Carlsson logo in the middle of the seat is a restrained reference to the Merzig-based tuning company.

Source - Carlsson