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480 bhp any questions?

The Carlsson CM55 K based on the SLK 55 AMG

Power hike to 480 bhp
Exclusive Carlsson 1/16 Ultra Light forged wheels
Complete range of aerodynamic parts

Full of character and powerful there is no other way to describe the CM55 K based on the SLK 55. Thanks not only to the 480 bhp but also the visual ingredients, the new SLK appears much more dynamic than its predecessor.

Breath-taking power increase to 480 bhp
The supercharger system is based on that of the CLK 55 AMG and has been developed in close cooperation with Ogura Clutch Co. Ltd. The compressor and the ultra-efficient intercooler are integrated into the engine unit in a technically and visually optimum position between the cylinder banks. The advantages of this high-performance supercharger, which is built under licence from Wankel, include high efficiency (up to over 70 percent), low-wear, quiet running, great durability, immediate response and low weight.

Thanks to the Carlsson CM55 K supercharger, the engine output of the base SLK 55 AMG jumps to a breath-taking 480 bhp / 353 kW coupled with maximum torque of 650 Nm at 2800 rpm. Top speed is 310 km/h while, for the standing start to 100 km/h, the CM55 K needs just 4.1 seconds.

Lowering via RS suspension
Consisting of 4 competition shock absorbers and 4 Carlsson competition springs, the Carlsson RS suspension system sinks the car's centre of gravity. The system permits infinitely variable height adjustment and has nine different damping rates. The result: besides its dynamic appearance, the CLK 55 AMG is an amazingly responsive drive.

Premium aerodynamic kit
The aerodynamic kit developed for the CM55 K consists of a front spoiler with supplementary fog lamps, large air inlets for brake cooling and aerodynamically optimised side mouldings that, if required, can be fitted with a rear-axle brake-
cooling duct.

Other components include the rear skirt with integrated diffuser and the Carlsson rear spoiler, which cuts lift. All of these modifications not only emphasise the characteristic appearance of the CM55 K they also improve the driving qualities and handling of the muscular roadster.
Ensuring that the sound matches the performance is a Carlsson rear-silencer system made of stainless steel and fitted with four flow-optimised oval stainless-steel tailpipes, each of which is embossed with the Carlsson logo. Moreover, a reduction in backpressure resulting from an improved absorption system gives a further boost to the accelerative qualities of the Carlsson CM55 K.

Refined leather interior
The exclusive Carlsson interior appointments give the roadster that extra touch of elegance. The combination of black and platinum-grey leather is the ideal choice for SLK drivers with individual expectations. Ergonomically designed seats ensure perfect lateral support and make long journeys a real pleasure. The door panels are also covered with top-quality leather quilted in a rhombus pattern.

1/16 Ultra Light forged wheels
For the wheels of the CM55 K, Carlsson chose 1/16 UL ultra-light forged wheels in the dimensions 8.5 x 19 with 235/35 ZR 19 Dunlop SP 9000 tyres at the front and 10 x 19 with Dunlop 265/30 ZR 19 Dunlop SP 9000 tyres at the back. Through the forging technology, which is only used by Carlsson in the Mercedes-Benz tuning segment, the wheels weigh as much as 50 % less than conventional light alloy wheels of the same size, providing greater ride comfort and improved handling. Besides the technical benefits, the highly polished Carlsson 1/16 Ultra Light forged wheels are distinguished by an elegant appearance. Their hand-polished surface is finished in transparent varnish and makes an interesting contrast to the brushed sides of the spokes. At the same time, the surface of this extraordinary wheel is particularly easy to clean.

Source - Carlsson