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Lumma CLR 5

Lumma CLR 5 001
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CLR 5 styling kits for the BMW 5 Touring

After that the BMW 5 Touring now can be seen on our roads some times , everyone
already waits strained for the CLR 5 Touring version of LUMMA, which is introduced
these days.

Not M5 Touring, but CLR 5 Touring reads the contraction for the 5er Touring converted
by LUMMA, which makes loose 313 HP (230 KW) mobile as Diesel 535D with
fats 644 Nm in place of 540 Nm of the series.

The increase in output is reached by the particularly developed D-box (750, - Euro),
which can be installed problem-free and within a few minutes!

Naturally with TUEV &Garantie for engine, transmission and rear axle, which the
small however important difference to other offerers is.

During so much achievement the exterior may not come also too briefly, here
developed further the designers of LUMMA that already admitted body kit CLR 5.
A over-powerful Front spoiler bumper (1.020, Euro) with the standard nebula lamps
provides for more drift is equipped and for a more aggressive optics.

Suitably it gives to be naturally installed the CLR 5 side swelling replacement
(690,-Euro) without problems like the production items can.

The probably most remarkable opinion comes from the rear, here shows off the
Touring only in such a way from to surplus energy, deeply downward a handing tail
apron bumper (1.020,- Euro) in connection with the LUMMA-4-pipe sport exhaust
system (1.950,- Euro) deters so some Porsche driver before overhauling.

Around also at the tail the drift within limits to hold at the roof a small however
efficient roof edge spoiler (299,- Euro) was glued on.

The optimal road-hugging property arrange setting developed by H&R (156,- Euro)
those for the Touring 35mm more deeply toward brings.

As optimal wheel/tire combination LUMMA offers the internal supersport Racing
rims of the quantity 9,5x20 in front and to 10,5x20 in the back, wheeled is this rim
set with KUMHO high speed tires of a size 255/30 20 in front as well as 305/25 20
in the back for the price of 5.400,- Euro.

As small however nevertheless fine detail two radiator - grill linings (89,- Euro) in
the Carbon-Look the chrome-shining radiator grill and lend so to the 5er Touring
still another breath more at sportness.

Source - Lumma